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To register for Plantner.com press the green button "Registration" in the upper right corner of the page.

Enter your e-mail, create and enter a password for your account at Plantner.com. Confirm the password and click "Register".

If you want to register through the social network Facebook, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, click the appropriate button. Then confirm the request for access applications Plantner.com to your account.

After you click "Register" on your e-mail will receive a letter with a link. Click it to complete the registration. If the link does not open, copy and paste into the address bar of the browser.

After the registration confirmation, you will be redirected to the profile on Plantner.com.

Add information about the company

To add information about your company, click the green button "User" in the top right corner of the page and select "My profile".

You go into a Personal account. To start the creation process of your company, click "Add".

On the page of the creation of the company provide all the required information:

  • enter the name of your company;
  • select the country and region;
  • download the logo by clicking "Select logo.

Tick the categories in which will be presented to the company (Nurseries, Garden centres, Internet-shops, Private individuals).

Fill in the Description field: write briefly about the company, your benefits, areas of work. Specify the addresses of regional offices and offices (use the button "Add address") and contact data.

After filling in information about the company, press the "Save"button. You will be redirected to your company's card (section "My company" in the Cabinet), which will always be able to edit its data.

Add the price

Log on to the site using your login and password, and click "Control prices". To create a new price list, go to the "Directory" and click "New price". In the opened window enter a name of the price-list, select the form and the currency price. If the document will contain the current rates, check the "Actual".

In the section "Catalogue" you can edit your price-lists. Click on the price list, to add the goods manually (click the Add plants") or to import already finished document .xls, .xlsx, .csv.

If you have already prepared prices, go to the "Import price". There you will see requirements loaded file and view of a table-price. Read them, bring your price-sheet to the appropriate type and click the "Import price". In the opened window select the directory in which to accommodate your price, and type the character, which highlighted the grade name (in price). Then select the file to upload and click "Import".

Add the plant

Log on to the site using your login and password, and click "Control prices". To add a plant, in the section "Catalogue" press the button "Add"plant.

You go into a directory plants: use the filter to locate their plants and using the tick mark is required(one by one or all at once). Information will be automatically saved.

To edit the plant, click the pencil icon. In the opened window press the button "New price" - now you can change the following settings:

  • packing,
  • size,
  • the number,
  • price,
  • note,
  • presence.

After editing a product, click "Save"

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